Canaan, Maine

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, 6:00pm - Select Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office
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Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 6:00pm - Planning Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office

The Canaan Maine Fire Department is Actively Seeking Volunteers


There is going to be a town wide review and revaluation of the land and building values used for tax assessment purposes. Those new values will be effective for the tax billing in August of 2024.  The last revaluation was in 2006 and the town is in need of a comprehensive review.

For the tax year 2023, Maine Revenue Services certified Canaan at a ratio of 67% meaning that most properties, on average, are selling for significantly more than the assessed value.  Maine Revenue requires towns to be above a 70% ratio. The goal of the revaluation is to update assessed values to 100% and to assure that we have accurate information on all property record cards.

Revaluations can bring up a lot of concerns and questions, so below you can find some answers to questions you may have.

Common Questions Regarding Valuation Change

Revaluation Questions and Answers


The Property Tax Stabilization program is going away after this year, 2023, so we will not be accepting any more applications.
The State is expanding two existing programs for low-income seniors:
1. The Property Tax Fairness Credit, which currently allows eligible Mainers to take a $1,500 credit, has increased to $2,000; it also loosens limits on the program in a way that allows the benefits to remain constant for a Mainer whose spouse passes away.
2. The State Property Tax Deferral Program, a lifeline loan program that covers the annual property tax bills of Maine seniors age 65 and older who cannot afford to pay them on their own, has been expanded. It doubles the income limit on that program to $80,000 and also raises asset limits. Taxes must be paid back when the home is sold or becomes part of an estate.

Property Taxes & Maps

Click on map number below to open map. If you need to know who owns a certain property, you can look it up in the Commitment Book or call the Town Office and ask. 
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