Canaan, Maine

Monday, July 15, 2024, 6:00pm - Select Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office
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Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 6:00pm - Planning Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office

The Canaan Maine Fire Department is Actively Seeking Volunteers

Vital Records Requests

The Town of Canaan now offers online requests for Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates. If you are in need of one of these records and are unable to come into the office, click here and select Canaan in the Issuing Municipality drop-down menu. We will receive a notification of your request, and will process accordingly. If you have any questions, contact us at the town office. 

If you are doing historical research please submit this application either by email, mail or fax

Request for Genealogy Order Form and Information

Basic Fees

  • Credit/Debit Card Merchant Fee – 2.5% of total amount due (minimum of $1)
  • OUTGOING/INCOMING FAX - $1.00 1ST PAGE, 25 cents for each additional page
  • Photocopies - .25 cents per page
  • Notary Fees - $1 per signature
  • Full Set of Tax Maps (paper) $20
  • Commitment Book $20
  • Tax Cards $1 per page
  • Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates $15, $6 for each additional copy, same day
  • Marriage License $40
  • Dog Licenses $6 altered dog - $11 non-altered
  • Rent the Fire Station $150- click here for Use of Facility application

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

The Canaan Town Office is an agent for the State of Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department and may issue hunting and fishing licenses.
The Town Office does not issue duck stamps. Those must be purchased through the US Postal Service.
If you are purchasing a hunting license you must show proof of having previously held an adult hunting license to hunt with firearms in any year beginning with1976 or successful completion of an approved hunter safety course from this or any other state.
 You may also purchase your license by utilizing the State of Maine's online services.
Click Here for Online Hunting/Fishing Licenses.

Boat Registrations

Boat registrations are subject to excise tax. The amount of the tax is based on the length of the boat, the age of the boat, and the horsepower of the motor. The registration fee is based on the horsepower of the motor. An agent fee of $1.00 is also collected. Boat excise tax must be paid in the owner's town of residence regardless of where the boat is docked. Boat registrations expire December 31 each year. Dories & Canoes 20’ and under without a motor are excise exempt – but still must be registered with State of Maine Boat sticker/milfoil.

Vehicle & Trailer Registration

Residents of the Town of Canaan may register their vehicle or trailer at the Town Office during regular business hours

M, T, Th, F   8am - 12pm,   1pm - 4:00pm     W 11:00am - 7:00pm 

OR Online Re-Registrations at

Register Your Vehicle or Trailer
If you would like a reminder to register your vehicles, you may sign up for email reminders by emailing us your request or by completing a sign-up sheet at the town office.  You will receive an email approximately fifteen days prior to when your registration expires.  The email will tell you how much it will cost to re-register your car.

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Recreational Vehicle Registration

Residents of Canaan may register their recreational vehicle at the Town Office and online.
Residency Requirements: No person may be considered a resident of the State of Maine (as it relates to obtaining a resident vehicle registration) if the person has not: 
·         If registered to vote, registered in the State of Maine
·         If licensed to drive, made application for a Maine drivers license;
·         If owning a vehicle located within the state, registered vehicles in Maine
·         Complied with State Income Tax laws and
·         If a full time student, at a Maine college for 3 months AND satisfies above requirements.

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Dog Licenses


As required by Maine State law, every dog over 6 months of age shall be licensed by its owner in the Town/City where the dog resides within 10 days of ownership. Licenses are valid until December 31st of each year. Please bring a certificate of spay/neutering (if applicable), and a current rabies certificate. The fee for spayed/neutered dogs is $6.00 per year, and for unaltered dogs the fee is $11.00 per year. 

Dog licenses can be purchased at the Town Office during regular office hours, by telephone with a credit card OR online!

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Marriage Licenses by Appointment


Information you will need prior to scheduling your Marriage License appointment (plan 1/2 hr): 

  • Valid picture ID – Maine Driver’s License/ID card or Passport
  • Court Certified Divorce Decree of most recent divorce for each applicant (must have raised seal of originating court)
  • If previous spouse is deceased, a copy of the death certificate
  • Proof of Canaan residency (if not on driver’s license)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age (if underage, call the Clerk's Office at 474-8682)

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Plumbing Permits

Interior Plumbing Permits: please provide 3 signed copies at the time of submitting applications to the Town Office for Code Enforcement/Plumbing Inspector Randy Gray’s approval.
            Note: fees are indicated on the application as $10.00 per fixture
Click here for a copy of the plumbing application.

Septic System Design Permits

The Town Office may have septic designs on file.  We would need your property's Map and Lot # in order located the design in our files.  If the Town does not have a copy, you can check the State website.

Please provide 3 signed copies at the time of submitting applications to the Town Office for Code Enforcement/Plumbing Inspector Randy Gray’s approval along with the required fees:
New System = $265.00
Replacement System or Replacement Failure System  = $250.00 
Replacement System Using Existing Tank = $150.00
Replacement Tank = $150.00
Replacement System Variance = $270  

Click here for a list of local site evaluators.

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Town Office Hours

Mon 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Tue 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Wed 11am-7pm

Thu 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Fri 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Holiday Closings

Important Phone Numbers

Town Office
(207) 474-8976
(207) 612-2037 (fax)


Town Clerk
(207) 474-8682


Real Estate Tax Collector

(207) 474-8976


Code Enforcement Officer

(207) 858-5370


Animal Control Officer

(207) 399-8135


Public Library
(207) 474-2149


Post Office
(207) 474-3349


Road Commissioner

Mike Robinson Jr

(207) 399-9809


Town Garage

(207) 474-6174


General Welfare


(207) 474-8682 or (207) 474-8976

(207) 431-1922 please use only for emergency purposes