Canaan, Maine

Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 6:00pm - Select Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 6:00pm - Planning Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office

The Canaan Maine Fire Department is Actively Seeking Volunteers

Planning Board & Ordinances

Members of Planning Board

Chairman Paula Robinson 474-5754

Secretary: David Patterson

Jeffrey Peterson

Donald Decker

Karen Clark

Melanie Peterson (alternate)

Claire Patterson (alternate)



KVCOG Official Representative:  Donald Decker   KVCOG Member:   Jeffrey P. Clarke

First Park Representative: Jeffrey Peterson  Alternate First Park Representative:  Donald Decker


Town of Canaan Ordinance List

You can obtain a copy of any of the following ordinances by contacting members of the Canaan Planning Board or the Town Office.

Keep the following in mind when reviewing or taking action related to a given town ordinance:

  • Not all ordinances and applications on this site may be current, or up-to-date. If verification is needed, see the Town Clerk.
  • The listed ordinances are not certified by the Town Clerk. For a certified copy see the Town Clerk.
  • Fees are to be paid at the Town Office.
  • Applications are to be submitted at the Town Office.

These ordinances require permits.

These ordinances require no permits.

Click here to access a copy of the town's Comprehensive Plan.

Town Office Hours

Mon 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Tue 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Wed 11am-7pm

Thu 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Fri 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Holiday Closings

Important Phone Numbers

Town Office
(207) 474-8976
(207) 612-2037 (fax)


Town Clerk
(207) 474-8682


Real Estate Tax Collector

(207) 474-8976


Animal Control Officer

(207) 629-7242


Public Library
(207) 474-2149


Post Office
(207) 474-3349