Canaan, Maine

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 6:00pm - Select Board Meeting at Canaan Town Office.

The Canaan Maine Fire Department is Actively Seeking Volunteers

Recreational Vehicle Registration

Residents of Canaan may register their recreational vehicle at the Town Office. At this time, the Town of Canaan does not participate in online registrations.
Residency Requirements: No person may be considered a resident of the State of Maine (as it relates to obtaining a resident vehicle registration) if the person has not: 
·         If registered to vote, registered in the State of Maine
·         If licensed to drive, made application for a Maine drivers license;
·         If owning a vehicle located within the state, registered vehicles in Maine
·         Complied with State Income Tax laws and
·         If a full time student, at a Maine college for 3 months AND satisfies above requirements.
If a boat, snowmobile, or ATV is purchased from a private person, please bring an old registration if available. It contains all the information needed to do a new registration. If an old registration is not available, please provide the number affixed to the side of the vehicle and the serial numbers. If there is an old registration sticker, get the year of expiration and sticker number. A bill of sale is also required.
If a recreational vehicle is purchased from a dealership, proof of sales tax paid is required for the registration. This is usually on your purchase agreement or bill of sale.
Snowmobile/ATV Registrations
New Snowmobile registrations are $47.00 plus sales tax if private sale. Re-Registering $46.00 (includes agent fees).
New ATV registrations are $47.00. Re-Registering $46.00 (includes agent fees).
Registrations expire June 30th of each year.

Town Office Hours

Mon 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Tue 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Wed 11am-7pm

Thu 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Fri 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Holiday Closings

Important Phone Numbers

Town Office
(207) 474-8976
(207) 612-2037 (fax)


Town Clerk
(207) 474-8682


Real Estate Tax Collector

(207) 474-8976


Animal Control Officer

(207) 651-8335


Public Library
(207) 474-2149


Post Office
(207) 474-3349