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As required by State of Maine law, every dog over 6 months of age shall be licensed by its owner in the Town/City where the dog resides within 10 days of ownership. License are valid until December 31st of each year. Please bring a certificate of spay/neutering (if applicable), and a current rabies certificate. The fee for spayed/neutered dogs is $6.00 per year, and for unaltered dogs the fee is $11.00 per year. A late fee of $25 will be applied after January 31. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Town Office during regular office hours.
If you have just moved to Canaan and your dog(s) is previously registered at another Maine town please bring your dog license and we can transfer the license and issue you a Canaan municipal tag for $2.00.
You may also register or re-register your dog online this service is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week beginning October 15 through January 31st  at 
All you need is:
·         Credit card
·         Rabies Certificate
·         Veterinarian’s Information
·         License/Tag Number (if re-newal)
·         Spay or Neuter Certificate (if you dog has been altered)
Your kennel must be inspected by our animal control officer (listed under Town Officers) prior to registration and annually inspected thereafter. 
  $42.00 Registraton fee for no more than 10 dogs (you must purchase a 2nd License if you have more than 10 dogs) expires December 31st each year

Breeding kennel. "Breeding kennel" means a location where 5 or more adult

female dogs or cats capable of breeding are kept and some or all of the offspring

are offered for sale, sold or exchanged for value or a location where more than 16

dogs or cats raised on the premises are sold to the public in a 12-month period.

"Breeding kennel" does not include a kennel licensed by a municipality under

section 3923-C when the dogs are kept primarily for hunting, show, training,

sledding, competition, field trials or exhibition purposes and not more than 16 dogs

are offered for sale, sold or exchanged for value within a 12-month period.