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You can obtain a copy of any of the following ordinances by contacting members of the Canaan Planning Board or the Town Office.

Keep the following in mind when reviewing or taking action related to a given town ordinance.

  • Not all ordinances and application on this site may not be current, or up-to-date. If verification is needed see the Town Clerk.
  • The listed ordinances are not certified by the Town Clerk. For a certified copy see the Town Clerk.
  • Fees are to be paid at the Town Office.
  • Applications are to be submited at the Town Office.

These ordinances require permits.

Title Application On-line  Other
Land Use Guide    
 Shoreland Zoning Yes  
 Subdivision Yes  
 Mobile Homes Parks    
 Flood Plain Management Yes  
 Wireless Telecommunication Facility Siting Yes

Waiver form

Application Checkoff

 Commercial Wind Energy Facility None  
 Residential Wind Energy Facility None  
 Regulating Storage and Land Application of  Sludge, Septage, and Other Residuals None  
 License Requirements None  


These ordinances require  no permits.

Title Application On-line  Other
 Adult Entertainment Establishment None  
 Dog Regulations None  
 Parking Regulations None  
 Road Naming and Numbering None  
 Fire and Rescue Department None  
 Solid Waste Reduction None  
 Establishment of the Planning Board None  
 Planning Board By-Laws None  


 Click here to access a copy of the town's Comprehensive Plan.